The Dream of Spaceflight: Essays On The Near Edge Of Infinity

The Dream of SpaceflightIn the tradition of Loren Eiseley, Arthur Koestler, and Lewis Thomas, Wynn Wachhorst is a great rarity: an author of truly lyrical essays on science and technology. In his hands, the drive to explore space is a mirror of humanity’s profoundest aspirations and noblest urges.

Each of the book’s four essays is a montage of images and reflections on the dream of spaceflight and its historical meaning. The opening essay, a survey of major figures from Johannes Kepler to Werner von Braun, sees in the rise of spaceflight a metaphor of modern history as a recurrent story of transformation and rebirth.

The second essay recalls the romantic vision of the decades prior to Sputnik, and sets our own nostalgia for those days against that era’s nostalgia for the future. The third essay looks at the moon landing as the signature event of our century—the one that our descendants, a thousand years from now, will see as our greatest achievement—and the fourth returns to the themes of transformation and rebirth, offering spaceflight as a cure for the withered capacity for wonder that afflicts the postmodern mind.

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The Dream Of Spaceflight Essays On The Near Edge Of Infinity

Wonderful read that will inspire you to support exploration!

Published 13 months ago by Gregory N. Cecil

This is definitely one of the best books that I have read within years. I’ve read it a few times now and some passages – on the paintings of Chesley Bonestell (the Caspar David… Read more

Published on July 10, 2005 by P. Lemmens

“The Dream of Spaceflight” is a charming little collection of essays on the past and future of spaceflight and space exploration. Read more

Published on December 29, 2003 by Patrick L. Randall

Wyn Wachhorst has written some beautiful essays with the core theme of spaceflight and has collected them in his book The Dream Of Spaceflight. The essays aren’t perfect. Read more

Published on January 4, 2003 by Bruce Crocker

Not what I expected. This is a philosophical rather than a technical book. It is very well written and quite enjoyable.
It has an engaging literary style.

Published on April 4, 2002 by Amazon Customer

These essays on science and technology provide four reflections on spaceflight and its historical meaning, examining the romance and science of space events and recalling the… Read more

Published on January 4, 2001 by Midwest Book Review

I decided to write my review prematurely because I think that when there is no more of this book I shall get depressed and not do the author justice. Read more

Published on August 23, 2000 by Paul M. Sheldon